Exclusive: NYPD is TREDDing new ground with K-9 unit

The NYPD has long employed dogs to sniff out potentially disastrous threats. However, thanks to new technology four-legged officers will now be able to detect explosives even their hyper-sensitive noses cannot. When NYPD officers head into the field, they suit up in

Greek NYPD Commander Retires Dancing Away to Greek Tunes

Greek NYPD commander John Pappas celebrated his retirement after a distibguished career as a police officer with Greek songs and dance outside his Transit K9 Unit on Thursday. It was a fitting farewell for a man who wore many hats – Transit

Luxurious Megayacht TUMBURRY C Runs Aground at Sanxenxo Marina

One of Spain’s most luxurious vessels, the 49-meter-long megayacht TUMBERRY C, ran aground this Saturday morning at Sanxenxo in Pontevedra. Known for hosting King Juan Carlos aboard the ‘Bribón,’ the yacht suffered an engine room leak, causing it to start sinking at

10 Ways To Secure Your Home Against Home Invasion

Protecting your home keeps your mind at ease when you’re home and on vacation. When you’re thinking proactively about home security, the hope is that your methods will never be put to the test. That said, while others’ actions are beyond your