Weapons : licensing issues


• Owner’s obligation to make sure any weapons carried on board are
properly licensed
• Port of embarkation of guards, transit (canal authorities), coastal states,
anchorage / mooring, port of disembarkation
• National laws of the country where the security company is based
• Many of the top recipient ports for U.S. food aid – Djibouti, Port Sudan, Dar Es
Salaam and Mombasa – have vessel firearms prohibitions which effectively
preclude use of PSCs
• Failure to properly license can subject Master / crew to civil and/or criminal
penalties – likely not covered by P&I cover
• American Club Member Alert issued regarding recent developments in
South Africa

• Include a clause in contract that requires security
company to take the lead to obtain all required
licenses at all relevant ports / jurisdictions
• Require continuing obligation for such compliance
• Request proof of such licensing compliance from
security company