Transport Security Expo on 14-15 November at London Olympia

Transport Security Expo has been the leading event for global Heads of Aviation, Maritime, Counter Piracy, Public Transport and Supply Chain Security for the past 10 years.

Designed to deliver clarity to the complex task of protecting Passengers, Cargo and High Risk Assets from those intent on doing harm, Transport Security Expo is the world’s most established event in this arena.

Transport Security Expo brings together the world’s leading experts from government, military, law enforcement and security services face to face with the aviation, maritime and public transport industries, to assess the threat level, examine the countermeasures in place and, where necessary, recommend alternate strategies to deal with these threats.

Taking place on 14-15 November at London Olympia – Transport Security Expo comprises an extensive conference and workshop programme, supported by one of the largest dedicated technology exhibitions held internationally each year.

These pages have been developed to offer insight of this premier international event. Take the time to review by all means, but make sure you make your booking to attend and /or exhibit early for Transport Security Expo in 2012.

The 10th anniversary year of Transport Security Expo has seen the introduction of many major new developments to bring  together more targeted transport security professionals than ever before.

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