Somalian pirates have been struggled by Russian naval forces

The photos below show how the Somalian pirates have been struggled by Russian naval forces for the last several years.
Somalian pirates belong to modern armed groups that capture foreign ships next to the Somalian coast and demand for redemption.
Naval forces of Russia, India and some other countries patrol the Gulf of Aden to prevent the crime.
On November 7 2009 Dutch ship CEC Future with 11 Russian citizens was captured by the pirates.
The pirates sailed close to that ship.
That time the pirates were paid and no military intervention was used.
A small plane got the redemption.
The criminals counted the money and sailed away in an unknown direction.
The sum is not mentioned but it is known that they usually ask for 1-2 mln US dollars.
The Russian ship accompanies the saved vessel in its trip to Oman.
The Russian nuclear-powered cruiser arrests three vessels with pirates.
10 Somalian citizens were taken aboard.
The arrested people had a G-3 rifle, an AK-47 gun, and 2 AKMS assault rifles.
They also had drugs, large amount of money, a bag with rice and a bag with sugar.
The pirates were under the influence of drugs.
The Russian tanker Moscow University was captured by pirates on May 5, 2010. There were 23 Russian passengers aboard.
The crew had to take 86 tones of petroleum to China and was saved by another Russian ship Marshall Shaposhnikov.
The pirates were first arrested and then redeemed due to lack of evidence.