M E D I A R E L E A S E 01 February 2012
The Security Association for the Maritime Industry (SAMI) today launched its International
Accreditation Programme for Private Maritime Security Companies (PMSCs).
The SAMI Accreditation Programme will see maritime security providers, within the
Association’s membership undergo a 3-stage process of due diligence, systems checks and
site visits. The programme will be managed by SAMI, with accreditations performed by an
independent third party certification body, the National Security Inspectorate (NSI).
Work on developing the standards and accreditation programme has been ongoing for the
past eight months. Further developing the guidelines laid down by industry and the
International Maritime Organization (IMO), the programme will assess the capabilities,
experience, corporate standing and resources of PMSCs.
According to SAMI founder, Peter Cook, “It has been no mean feat to forge a united front
from an industry which has always followed its own path. We are pleased and proud to
announce the launch of what we believe to be a rigorous and significant means of assessing
global maritime security providers”.
The developments were led by SAMI and supported by NSI who have been conducting a
pilot scheme that successfully concluded in January 2012.
NSI Chief Executive, Jeff Little added, “We are delighted to work with SAMI. Our mission at
NSI will be to uphold the independence and credibility of the SAMI Standard while actively
and robustly verifying that the maritime security providers have everything in place required
by the shipping industry and IMO”.
The three stages of the SAMI Accreditation Programme build to form a full and complete
picture of the subject company. Stage 1 is a due diligence check, which focuses on the
financial, legal and insurance elements of the PMSC. Stage 2 is an in-depth review of the
company and involves a physical verification of their premises, systems and documentation.
While Stage 3 will see checks on deployed operations.
During the development of the Programme SAMI has worked in consultation with a range of
leading marine insurers, flag States, shipping associations, seafarer welfare organisations
and with vital input from the maritime security industry.
If you have any questions or to arrange an interview with Peter Cook, please contact
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