Pirate and Maritime Terrorist Weapons


The maritime pirates of today have access to a sizable variety of compact and effective weapons. They may not be lobbing 18-pound balls from carronades like the old days, but they have found some very effective tools like the RPG-7 to persuade mariners to heave-to on the high seas. We’ll take a look at how these weapons are employed and find out why they are so effective.

The Somali pirates are attacking ships from land based firing positions by using Russian made 82mm mortars that can reach as far as 5 kilometers from shore. They have also mounted 60mm mortars on some of their attack boats. While our files are being fully updated, let’s take a look at the pirate’s favorite: The RPG-7

Light Weapons

Heavy Weapons

DsHK 12.7mm Heavy Machinegun
SPG-9 Recoilless Gun
82mm Recoilless Gun