No danger in Taiwan

March 22 2011, Taipei Taiwan

Government report has posted that Taiwan will remain unaffected by radioactive substances leaking from the troubled Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan’s east coast in the near future.

Although the wind, which is currently blowing eastward, may carry a bit of the fallout towards Taiwan, the closest it will get is still 2,000 kilometers away from the nation, according to the Central Weather Bureau (CWB). “Judging from the direction of the Kuroshio Current (Black Tide) that passes by off the east coast of Taiwan and flows northward to Japan, such a possibility is low,” said Hung Shih-chun, captain of the northern branch of Taiwan’s Coast Guard Administration. So far, everything is normal in waters off Taiwan’s northern coast and no radioactive contaminants have been discovered in that area, coastal patrollers have confirmed, reported by China Post, the authentic local newspaper.

Taiwan’s Ministry of Environmental Protection says there have been no signs of abnormal radiation on the Taiwan territory.

However, as a precaution, officials from Taiwan have also pledged to step up monitoring of the environment against the radiation and to pay close attention to any change therein to ensure the safety of Taiwan residents and tourists. The Atomic Energy Council (AEC) set up radioactivity detection checkpoints at Taipei’s Songshan International Airport. Taiwan’s Food and Drug Administration also will proceed with food safety test from Japan for radiation.

Currently Taiwan is not listed under Dangerous Traveling Zone nor issued Travel Warning/Alert by any institutions in the world.

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