NERA-S was founded and established as an engineering manufacturing enterprise in the year 2001 in Moscow, with the main activity of developing anti-technical exploration. We interact in technical surveillance counter measure (TSCM).

Our strategy is to create a complex of electronic countermeasures that can provide the full range of potential that our customer needs in the field of information security. Particular attention is given to promising new directions and developments, many of which have no analogues in Russia or abroad. We are constantly striving to ensure that products are distinguished by the highest quality, new consumer features, and original technical solutions. In the history of company’s existence we have received over 30 patents of the Russian Federation for inventions in the field of technical means of resistance.

The main resource of the company — it’s engineering, technical and intellectual potential of our employees, specialists in creating complex electronic systems and software products. When developing new ideas, conducting development activities, industrial activity, we strive to make maximum use of potential subcontractors and our business partners. Involvement of foreign intellectual resources is of particular importance, including experts from the Russian Academy of Sciences and specialized research institutes.

The range of our clients is wide and varied — from state agencies, the Russian power structures, large enterprises and holding companies — to individuals with problems of ensuring their security.

We hope that the technologies presented by NERA-S will help you in solving security issues. Thank you for your interest in our company’s products, and hope for fruitful cooperation.

Our soul Objective is to provides expert analytical and technical services for detection, nullification, and isolation of technical surveillance penetrations, technical surveillance hazards, and physical security weaknesses. The qualified experts and personnals who are equipped with latest electronic countermeasures equipment performs TSCM.

Mission for protecting against corporate intelligence where you can’t leave anything to chance. An overlooked surveillance device recording even for a few minutes has the potential to cause large amounts of financial or operational damage. Effective Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) requires equipment capable of detecting modern surveillance threats and up-to-date technology in product operation and the application of TSCM.