Maritime Piracy and Anti-Terrorism Reference Book

with comprehensive Ship Security Plan

New Updated Version Coming Soon – Release date 04 November 2009

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Protect any vessel, anywhere, all the time!

This publication provides the vessel owner and/or operator with a complete set of procedures and countermeasure covering a wide range of maritime security related tasks; from routine security to anti-piracy procedures, including anti-terrorismplanning.

Suitable for any maritime asset afloat:

VLCCs, tankers, freighters, container ships, ocean-going tugs, cruise ships, and all other commercial shipping assets.
Oil rigs and platforms.
Research vessels.
Yachts, charter vessels, and expedition vessels.
Bluewater cruisers, passagemakers, and long-range voyagers; power or sail.
The Maritime Piracy and Anti-Terrorism Reference Book is a stand-alone resource ready for immediate deployment and implementation on any vessel. No further consultation is required.

Unmatched credentials:

Proven and validated during a real world hostile attack on a U.S. research vessel off the coast of Somalia 12 days before Sep 11 2001.
Comprehensive maritime security information.
Anti-terrorism and anti-piracy procedures.
A complete maritime and ship security blueprint.
Protect any vessel – anywhere, all the time!
The only complete maritime security guide and reference book.
Developed by U.S. military and government counterterrorism experts.
Over 9000 copies in use by clients around the world on U.S. and foreign flagged vessels.
PROVEN! The first version of the Ship Security Plan was put to actual use just weeks before the September 11 2001 terrorist attacks on America. Click on the links below to read actual message traffic related to the incident:

Read the pirate attack email our office received dated August 31 2001.
Read the Anti-Shipping Activity Message (ASAM) from the U.S. National Geospatial Intelligence Agency. Message Reference Number 2001-243.
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