FUTURE FORCES Exhibition & Conference 15 – 17 October 2014, Prague, Czech Republic


Multinational Logistics Coordination Centre (MLCC) Members Meet
at the FUTURE FORCES Exhibition & Conference
15 – 17 October 2014, Prague, Czech Republic
We are excited to announce that the 11th edition of FUTURE FORCES 2014 (FF14) will host the official meeting
of the MLCC members this October in Prague. Close cooperation between the MLCC Directorate and FUTURE
FORCES 2014 in pursuance of hosting the working group members’ meeting gives our exhibitors the
outstanding opportunity to meet the decision makers from leading NATO and cooperating countries all over
the world in military logistics operations.
The Capable Logistician Workshop builds upon the tremendous success of CL13 and presents another MLCC´s
contribution to common effort in the area of Logistics Capabilities Development. CL14 will bring together the
international logistic community in order to enhance the preparedness of the next exercise Capable Logistician
2015 (CL15) by providing a wider multinational forum for discussions focused on specific logistic functional
areas (FAs). The Military Capabilities that Alliance will need for the coming decade and beyond must be
modern and interoperable. Following the targets of “Connected Forces Initiative – NATO Forces 2020”, MLCC
representatives and military logistics professionals are ready to meet with industry leaders to share current
needs and discuss future business opportunities.
Who Will Meet at FUTURE FORCES? Over 400 Experts and VIPs Already Involved!
 Chiefs of Logistics, procurement decision makers, prime contractors, suppliers, users, scientists and
 MLCC (Multinational Logistics Coordination Centre) members
 NATO LCG DSS members including experts focused on:
o Combat Clothing, Individual Equipment & Protection (CCIEP)
o Soldier Capabilities Analysis
o C4I & Systems Architecture
o Non-lethal Capabilities
o Head Borne Systems
o Power
o Weapons & Sensors
o Ammunition Interchangeability
 NATO Support Agency (NSPA) Personal Combat Equipment User Group (PCEUG); European Defence
Agency (EDA) Combat Equipment for Dismounted Soldier – Feasibility Study Programme (CEDS-FSP)
 NATO JCBRND CDG (Joint Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Defence Capability
Development Group) members; NATO JCBRND COE
 NATO JCGISR CCDO (Joint Capability Group on Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance)
Sub-group on Camouflage, Concealment, Deception & Denial, Obscurants members
 VIP DELEGATES – Officially invited ministerial delegations from 50+ countries
 VIP DELEGATES – Officially invited delegations from international organisations, such as Director
General NATO ASG, Director General NOR, Director General NOS, Director General NCIA, Director
General of the Enterprise and Industry Directorate General of the European Commission a Director
Capabilities EDA, Chairman of the NATO Military Committee, Chairman of the EU Military Committee,
 Over 7,000 professional visitors
Where & When Will the Experts Meet with Industry?
 FUTURE FORCES Exhibition & Conference, PVA EXPO PRAGUE
 15 – 17 October 20142
Capable Logistician Workshop
 Specialised two-day accompanying event for logistics experts, industry leaders and R&D centres
 16 – 17 October 2014, PVA EXPO PRAGUE within FUTURE FORCES Exhibition & Conference
 Updates of the on-going and future logistics projects, acquisition plans, challenges in the new
materials, laboratory testing and technologies
 Call for Papers is available to download as PDF file here
Workshop Speakers and Distinguished Guests
Col. (GS) Miroslav Pelikán, Director, Multinational Logistics Coordination Centre (MLCC), CZE
Rear Admiral, Donald L. Singleton, Chairman of the Board of Directors MLCC, US European Command, USA
Brig. Gen. Odd-Harald Hagen, Chairman of the NATO Army Armaments Group (NAAG), NOR
Dr. George Skins, Director of International Programs, Logistics Management Institute (LMI), USA
Lt. Col. Petr Acs, Deputy Chief of M&T Department, SVK
Brig. Gen. Juraj Krištofovič, Director of National Armament Bureau, SVK
Brig. Gen. Imre Pogácsás, Ph.D., Chief of Logistics Directorate, HUN
Col. László Csaba Tar, Head of Logistics Operations Branch – MLCC, HUN
Lt. Col. Dimitrios Papoutsidis, Deputy Head of Logistics Operations Branch – MLCC, GRE
Col. Wilfried Boubela, Head of International Cooperation Section – MLCC, AUT
Col. Attila Boczák, Deputy Chief of Logistics Directorate, General Staff, HUN
and others
Topics for Discussion & Company Presentations
The Capable Logistician Workshop is a two-day professional workshop divided into four thematic sessions:
National and international views on future development of logistics and related technologies
FA Fuel – MN functional partnership for Fuel Handling
FA Water – MN MILENG/LOG partnership for Water production and distribution
FA Ammunition – MN partnership for Deployable ammunition storage
Other potential areas of logistics to be discussed:
– Cooperation: Science – Government – Industry
– Maintenance and Recovery
– Movement and Transportation
– Material Handling
– JLSG (Joint Logistics Support Group)
– Smart Energy (SE)
– Electric power production
– Helicopter operations
– Movement Control (MovCon)
– Infrastructure Engineering for Logistics (IEL)
– RSOM (Reception Staging Onward Movement)
– Asset Tracking
– Logistics Services 3
Altogether with the Capable Logistician Workshop, other three thematically interrelated events will take place
simultaneously, namely:
 Open NATO Future Soldier Workshop
 Open NATO CBRN Workshop
 Unmanned Systems Workshop
This fact enables the speakers and exhibitors to take the different event’s floor, as well as the participants to
pick the most topical issues.
We are ready to prepare favourable offer for your participation in the exhibition and Workshop.
REGISTER NOW! Don’t miss it, the number of exhibit spaces and workshop slots/tickets is limited.
 Exhibition registration
 Workshop registration
Patronage and Support
 President of the Czech Republic
 Ministry of Defence (CZE)
 Chief of the General Staff (CZE)
 Permanent Delegation to NATO (CZE)
 Military Research Institute (CZE)
 University of Defence (CZE)
 Defence & Security Industry Association (CZE)
 NATO JCBRND Centre of Excellence
 NATO CCIEP Working Group
 Multinational Logistics Coordination Centre (NATO & Partner Countries)
 European Defence Agency (EU)
 Armed Forces Academy (SVK)
Please talk to us about your requirements and we will endeavour to provide you with the facilities you need.
For more information about FUTURE FORCES 2014 please visit our website www.NATOexhibition.org, see the
event presentation in PDF or contact our Team.
We are looking forward to welcoming you in October to Prague, the UNESCO World Heritage Site!
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