Digital & Innovative Technologies for Security & Efficiency of First responder operations

Welcome to the DITSEF project

“Digital & Innovative Technologies for Security & Efficiency of First responder operations”

One of the main problems of the First Responders (FR) (fire fighters, police, etc.) in case of crisis occuring at critical infrastructures is the availability of relevant information for the First Responder level and for the local manager. The loss of communications and location, the lack of information concerning the environment (temperature, hazardous gases, etc.) and the poor efficiency of the Human Machine Interface (HMI) on the first responder side are the main current drawbacks. Therefore, during the intervention there is a gap between the First Responders’ situation (positioning, health, etc.) and the overall overview at their mobile headquarter.

DITSEF aims at increasing the effectiveness and safety of First Responders by optimal information gathering and sharing with their command levels.

DITSEF will provide
Self-organising, robust ad-hoc communications where the existing infrastructure may be compromised, allowing communication between First Responders and between them and their command level.
Accurate novel 3D positioning in indoor environments.
Sensors that offer a reliable overview of the situation and of the potential threats (explosives, chemicals, fire, etc.).
Enhanced vision for the First Responder in visually-impaired conditions, through ingenious and unprecedented HMIs consisting of sensor-based visual elements, showing spatial features and thermal imagery overlaid on the direct perception of the First Responder.

The operational value of the integrated solution will be demonstrated through users’ defined scenario in a real operational environment. It will incorporate end users from both the Critical Infrastructures’ domain (via a public training centre) and the First Responders’ domain. Five dedicated workshops will allow the collection of user requirements, operational scenarios and allow the cross-fertilisation of information on operations and procedures of players from different states and domains; they will create awareness on project results and prepare their take-up. Attention will be paid to standardisation issues.

DITSEF will be implemented by a strong partnership of 10 partners including SMEs and large industries, research centres, technology providers, system integrators and end-users.