Some Boko Haram attacks in 2013

21 February 2013: Nigerian government begins official search for a French family taken hostage on 19 February in Cameroon near the Nigerian border. Suicide blast targeting a military patrol vehicle in Maiduguri kills a civilian and injures six soldiers. A section of a market and adjoining shops, as well as a petrol station, are burnt.

20 February 2013: Two civilians and a suspected bomber are killed in a blast targeting a military patrol vehicle in Maiduguri.

19 February 2013: French President François Hollande accuses Boko Haram (BH) of the abduction of a French family in Cameroon on the border with Nigeria’s Borno State.

18 February 2013: Ansaru, in an email statement, claims the kidnap of seven expatriate construction workers in Bauchi State.

17 February 2013: Construction firm evacuates staff from Jama’are in Bauchi State.

16 February 2013: Gunmen kidnap seven foreign construction workers – a Briton, an Italian, a Greek and four Lebanese – in Jama’are, killing a security employee.

15 February 2013: Two suicide bombers are killed in an attack targeting a military patrol vehicle in Maiduguri in which at least one soldier is injured. Several homes, shops and vehicles are burnt in the explosion.

11 February 2013: Police in Kano parade seven BH members suspected of involvement in the 19 January 2013 attack on the convoy of the emir of Kano which killed five people. Eight other BH members are declared wanted.

10 February 2013: Three North Korean doctors are killed by unknown attackers in Potiskum in northeastern Yobe State.

8 February 2013: Gunmen kill 10 polio immunization workers and injure three others in separate attacks on two polio clinics in Kano.

1 February 2013: Nigerian troops kill 17 Islamists in raids on BH training camps in two forests outside Maiduguri.

28 January 2013: A purported BH commander declares a ceasefire on behalf of the sect.

27 January 2013: Assailants kill eight residents of Gajiganna village near Maiduguri.

23 January 2013: Assailants behead five residents in the Gwange area of Maiduguri.

22 January 2013: Gunmen kill five men playing draughts and injure two others in the Dakata District of Kano.

21 January 2013: Some 18 local hunters are killed by gunmen in an attack on a market in Damboa town in Borno State.

19 January 2013: Two Nigerian soldiers are killed and five others seriously injured in a bomb attack on a contingent of Mali-bound Nigerian troops in central Kogi State. BH splinter group Ansaru claims responsibility. Five people are killed in an attack on the convoy of the emir of Kano Ado Bayero in Kano.

18 January 2013: Nigerian authorities announce the arrest of two masterminds of a 25 November 2012 twin-car bomb attack on a church in Jaji military cantonment near Kaduna.

17 January 2013: Nigeria begins troop deployment to Mali to help fight Al Qaeda-linked Islamists, some of whom it has accused of providing support to BH. Four people, including two BH gunmen, are killed in a shootout with soldiers at a military checkpoint in Kano. Five gunmen are arrested.

13 January 2013: A key BH commander is arrested in Maiduguri.

4 January 2013: Five BH gunmen, a soldier and a policeman are killed in an attack by Islamists on a military checkpoint in Marte town near the border with Cameroon.

2 January 2013: BH attacks a police station, kills two policemen and two civilians in Song town of Adamawa State.

1 January 2013: Thirteen gunmen and a soldier are killed in a shootout in Maiduguri.