Armed Guard , Europe (Kosovo)

Armed Guard , Europe (Kosovo)

Employer: Torres
Location: Camp Bondsteel, Kosovo
Job Code: 326
# of openings: 10

Armed Guard with 2 years experience

Please note: We are currently processing candidates to be placed on a wait list for future employment.

Torres AES is a global security company seeking career-minded professionals for an OCONUS contract in Europe. Whether you are just looking for a job in an exciting location with a rapidly growing company or simply want your foot in the door for a new career. This opportunity offers unique networking opportunities, free-living conditions and days off to travel Europe.

Contract for armed security guard (CSG) services to provide security, installation access control, conduct roving patrols, provide surveillance, monitoring and the overall safeguarding of an installation and its tenants. This is a United States Army installation, which includes a state of the art gym and workout facility as well as a PX, Burger King and MWR.

Security Checks:

All candidates will undergo an FBI background check, National Agency (NACI) and National Crime Information Center (NCIC) check.

Armed Guard Requirements:

We are seeking trained, certified armed guards to operate the required coverage area
Candidates must be a U.S. Citizen
Have two (2) years experience in security, law enforcement, or operations within the Armed Forces, civilian police or commercial security within the past five (5) years
Must have completed a State recognized civilian security or law enforcement academy, or the completion of an armed forces security or law enforcement training program. (Verification of training, such as a training certificate/s or DD214 (honorable discharge)must be provided)
Have a current/active U.S. Passport
Be willing to obtain an NCIC / FBI criminal background report to include fingerprints. Must have a clean criminal history with no convictions or major traffic offenses
Must have experience and knowledge of security operations
Must have experience with basic force protection
Must have excellent written and oral communication skills
Must be medically fit and undergo medical testing
Must be willing to undergo random drug testing upon request
Must be willing to work at least 48 hours per week. Note: We are currently working a 48 hour week – 6 days per week / 8 hours per day
First Year Completion Bonus
Effective 1 January 2016 – Sign on Bonus – $250.00 after 30 days in Kosovo
PTO – 144 hours
Total compensation as a 1099 contractor (DBA insurance)- $33K to $34K

Physical Requirements/Working Environment:

1) The candidate must maintain the necessary physical fitness to ensure accomplishment of assigned missions. This includes guard duties under local types of weather and terrain.

2) Must meet all physical and medical requirements as dictated by the contract.