60 Companies signed on 1 August 2012 – ICoC as PMSC


The International Code of Conduct for Private Security Service Providers
Signatory Companies
New Signatory Companies on 1 August 2012 – Version with Company Details

1. Aarhus Marine And Offshore Services, INC.
Signed by: Romeo C. Luzuriaga, GM Maritime Security
Veronico B. Quiban, President
Date of becoming Signatory Company: 1 August 2012 (by letter)
Headquarters: Manila, Philippines
Website: www.aarhusmarine.com.ph
Aarhus Marine and Offshore Services, Inc. is a stock corporation duly registered with the Security
Exchange Commission (SEC). A provider of quality services and solutions for shipping and
offshore, engaged Maritime Security Protection, Ship Management, Maintenance and Repair
Services. Aarhus offers experienced, competent, reliable and highly-skilled professionals to safely
carry out tasks in compliance with rules, standards, internationally accepted work practice and
clients’ specific requirements. Aarhus has adopted a quality management system that is
compliant to the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 version to ensure quality of service as defined
and provides a well defined procedure for continuous improvement.
2. ACK3 Global Solutions
Signed by: Jorge A. Quintana, CEO
Date of becoming Signatory Company: 1 August 2012 (by letter)
Headquarters: Spain, Madrid
Website: www.ack3solutions.com
ACK3 is a strategic risk consultancy with international character, which strives for excellence in
designing solutions and implementation of specialized services, deploying a team of
professionals from different nationalities with extensive experience in destinations and difficult
and demanding situations, offering our customers a wide range of reliable, effective and
accurate tools to meet your needs. Our company provides consultants to give expertise
assessment in corporate security and resilience, risk mitigation, high risk environments security,
crisis management and response, law enforcement and justice, public security advisory, security
sector reform, as well as specialized services included but not limited to maritime security,
human resources selection and training, design and implement security plans and measures for
international projects, base camps, logistic projects, high value and critical infrastructures and
other facilities or assets in-shore and off-shore. We are contributing to develop a responsible
security and defense consultancy for a safer and better world.
3. AKE Limited
Signed by: Aileen C. Dover, Managing Director
Date of becoming Signatory Company: 1 August 2012 (by letter)
Headquarters: United Kingdom, HerefordAustralia, Sydney
Website: www.akegroup.com
AKE was founded in 1991 to provide specialist security and political risk management to media
and subsequently to Governments, businesses and NGOs. AKE has become a leading
international risk management and training company, and leader in the field of risk mitigation.
AKE distinguishes itself from other security service companies by taking a proactive, intelligenceled approach to assessing, monitoring, training for, and protecting against, risk. Through our
service lines we assist clients, safeguard their assets and personnel. We offer the following core
services to our clients: Intelligence and Political Risk Consultancy, Security Solutions, including
Security Risk Specialist ground support, Training, Medical services, Emergency Planning and Crisis
Management, Insurance, 24/7 Crisis Response Centre, Maritime Security, Kidnap and Ransom
negotiations. AKE’s strength and creativity originates from the skills and experience of our staff,
who come from professional backgrounds, including medicine, information technology,
marketing, travel, law enforcement, banking, academia, media, NGOs and the Special Forces. All
AKE Security Risk Specialists combine their training tasks with rotations in the field, ensuring that
their expertise is current and up to date. They are former Special Forces and are extremely
experienced in working with media, both print and TV, in hazardous and hostile environments
throughout the world.
4. Allmode Limited
Signed by: Declan O’Sullivan, Managing Director
Date of becoming Signatory Company: 1 August 2012 (by letter)
Headquarters: United Kingdom, Isle of Man
Website: www.allmode.org
Allmode is a market leading provider of security services to the Maritime Industry. We are
dedicated to meet the needs of our clients operating in high risk regions around the world. Our
consultants are predominantly drawn from British Commando Forces and are qualified with a
number of recognised industry qualifications. Allmode offers cost effective solutions across a
wide spectrum of Maritime Services. Our operational capability is worldwide and this is
enhanced by careful liaison with International Maritime Security Forces. We are able to offer a
range of Security Services provided by highly trained operatives with a broad range of skills
including Corporate Protection, Physical Security, Executive Protection and Physical Asset
5. Blackshark Security Co Ltd
Signed by: Fédéric Benard, Executive Director
Date of becoming Signatory Company: 1 August 2012 (by letter)
Headquarters: Republic of Mauritius, Trou aux Biches
Website: www.blackshark-security.com
Blackshark Security Co Ltd company is registered in Mauritius since where the company has now
gained a good reputation. BlackShark Security Co Ltd is a company which has started to provide
security Services for Fishing Industry companies operating in the triangle of Mombasa,
Madagascar, Mauritius and Seychelles Islands. The main activity of BlackShark Security Co Ltd is to provide Security solutions for Maritime companies when they are sailing in dangerous water
off Somalia coast and the Indian Ocean especially in the area around Seychelles Islands by
providing team members on board our Clients vessels. Based in Mauritius and Seychelles Island,
we have a immediate reactivity on our area. Our company is also providing Security audit
services and tailored risk management solutions to international companies, agencies and
private. BlackShark Security Co Ltd is now well recognized like a serious and professional Security
company in Mauritius and all around our vast geographical area.
6. BSK International Military and Special Security
Signed by: Ramazan Erdem, Director
Date of becoming Signatory Company: 1 August 2012 (by letter)
Headquarters: Turkey, Ankara
Website: www.bsksecurity.com
The company BSK Special Military Security had been incorporated to provide integrated
professional services to ensure the safety of objects of different forms of property, real estate or
personal property as well as the protection of individuals. The doctrine of our company – long
term and mutually beneficial partnership based on principles of interactions, like-minded, ethics,
morality, and fundamental scientific knowledge.
7. Business Risks International
Signed by: Andrew Cooke, General Manager
Date of becoming Signatory Company: 1 August 2012 (by letter)
Headquarters: Australia, Sydney
Website: www.businessrisksinternational.com.au
Business Risks International Pty Limited (BRI) is a professional corporate risk management and
security services company headquartered in Sydney with operational offices in Melbourne,
Brisbane, Perth and Singapore (Asia Pacific). We provide unique, independent and
comprehensive security services to the corporate and government sectors, both nationally and
internationally, achieved via BRI company office in Singapore and strategic partners throughout
Asia Pacific, S.E. Asia and the MENA Region. BRI consults to clients in the government, media,
retail, corporate, educational, cultural and commercial arenas that require and demand a high
level of expertise, initiative, service and quality. Our consultancy services are tailor-made to the
specific operations and needs of our clients and are based upon a wealth of expertise obtained
from both government and commercial sector experience, which has been blended to provide
the highest possible level of service available today.
8. Callidus Knight Ltd
Signed by: Tan Sri Dato Seri Ilyas Bin Din, Executive Chairman
Date of becoming Signatory Company: 1 August 2012 (by letter)
Headquarters: Malaysia, Labuan
Website: www.callidusknight.comCallidus Knight Ltd. is a Defence Advisory and Private Security contractor servicing Governments
and International Corporations worldwide. Our operations are focused on servicing needs in
developing countries, and non-permissive (hostile) environments. Our team has tremendous
experience; featuring some of Malaysia’s most highly decorated and respected military
professionals. In particular, the experience gained from Malaysian conflicts position us to
provide a valuable contribution to any Counter Insurgency Warfare (CIW) and Anti-Piracy
Operations (APO) programme. Recently Callidus Knight has created a Private Security division to
service the needs of International Corporations and Organisations faced with growing security
threats from acts of piracy and terrorism worldwide. Our experts will establish your needs to
design and carry out optimal solutions which are effective yet efficient. With a global network of
professionals, Callidus Knight can service your needs in Africa, Middle East and key shipping
International Trade Corridors (ITCs).
9. Chenega Federal UK Ltd
Signed by: Murray Hammick, Managing Director
Date of becoming Signatory Company: 1 August 2012 (by letter)
Headquarters: United Kingdom, Hampshire, Portsmouth
Website: www.openoceanmaritime.com
Chenega UK is a limited UK company and all members of the Open Ocean team led by Chenega
UK are UK companies. Customers for Open Ocean services contract with Chenega UK in the first
instance. Chenega Corporation is a US based company which supports Chenega UK, however the
Open Ocean services are managed through the UK. Open Ocean has been developed to provide
an integrated response to the needs of the shipping industry faced with the ever growing
problem of having to ensure the security of their crews and ships. Open Ocean is not merely
about putting armed teams on ships; rather, it is about stepping back and taking a long-term and
strategic view of what it is that individual ship-owners and operators need in order to allow them
to carry on their business without interference by unlawful gangs at sea. By addressing the
problem as a complete system, Open Ocean brings efficiencies, economies and effective
measures to bear down on the problem of piracy. In doing so, Open Ocean frees up shipping
operators to do the job which they are so good at namely to move vessels and cargo around the
world in response to customer’s requirements. Open Ocean is, above all, an intelligence led
operation which views the use of armed teams as a weapon of last resort-albeit a very necessary
fallback option in many cases. Open ocean allows customers to choose from a range of services
from intelligence and routing advice, ship surveys and hardening, through to the deployment of
some of the most highly regulated maritime security teams in the industry. Backed by the
Chenega Corporation with its significant financial and technical capabilities, and led by Chenega
Federal UK Ltd, Open Ocean is the logical choice for large and small operators looking for a
serious contracting partner able to provide the highest standards of service but also able to
support operational capabilities with technical developments in the areas of communications
and surveillance.
10. Danish Maritime Supply Service
Signed by: Leif Bülow, Co-Owner and Operations Manager
Date of becoming Signatory Company: 1 August 2012 (by letter)
Headquarters: Denmark, SilkeborgWebsite: www.dmss.dk
Danish Maritime Supply Service are providing every service within the logistical part of maritime
security. DMSS is a Danish company and has a branch in Cairo/Egypt which takes care of shipping
companies and security personnel who provide armed or unarmed maritime security either
directly from a shipping company or outsourced to a maritime security company. DMSS offers a
huge variety of services: Travel manifest; Weapons declarations; Customs clearance; Visa; Secure
weapons storage; Equipment storage; Transportation to and from the airport; Transportation to
and from the shipping vessels in the Suez Canal; Hotel reservation; Flight reservation; Rest and
recreation (R&R) for the deployed teams. DMSS offers to take care of shipping companies or
security companies’ logistical challenges in Egypt concerning armed or unarmed MSO teams.
DMSS are working closely with local authorities and can therefore offer a completely legal and
transparent service within the logistical aspects of maritime security. Our core competence is
professional, due diligence, transparency, legality, and an outstanding service to our clients
within the maritime supply and maritime security sector.
11. Defendory Limited
Signed by: Paul Andy Williams, Director
Date of becoming Signatory Company: 1 August 2012 (by letter)
Headquarters: Greece, Athens
Website: www.defendory.com
Defendory is a private Maritime Security Company offering a comprehensive range of risk
mitigation solutions, with focus to the Maritime Sector. Having recognized the need for higher
and firmer rules and standards to be set by private Maritime Security Companies in this Market,
we operate under the strictest regulations, fulfilling all recent IMO guidelines for the use of
armed security guards onboard merchant vessels, and provide our employees, customers as well
as other interfered parties, the safest and most secure possible foundations for successful,
trouble free passages. Our management team consists of former military and navy officers, as
well as a very experienced team of business and financial managers. Our operatives consist of
mainly Greek ethnicity, highly skilled personnel of naval, maritime and military background who
have been evaluated on a number of physical psychological skill tests in order to be admitted
into our teams, and undertake still, continuous training in order to be fully compliant to the
adaptive piracy threat. Our activity services consist of a comprehensive range of anti-piracy
support measures, aiming at protecting vessels crews, vessels attacking. Depending on vessel
and cargo particulars, we offer armed/unarmed security personnel onboard vessel throughout
transits in high-risk areas such as the Gulf of Aden. Our teams also offer voyage preparation and
vessel hardening, crew training, consulting services as well as a variety of countermeasures.
12. Drekar Services International
Signed by: Markus Mastrud, Chief Operations Officer
Date of becoming Signatory Company: 1 August 2012 (by letter)
Headquarters: United States, Indiana, Valparaiso
Website: DSI is a multi-faceted security company with an emphasis on embarked maritime security teams
providing the finest physical security to merchant marines. DSI also provides Anti-Piracy training
to sailors and other Private Maritime Security Companies’ (PMSC) security guards. Our executive
core has 86 years of combined experience in the maritime security arena. They gained
knowledge in the US Navy and US Coast Guard Special Forces units as well as in the private
13. Dynamic Alternatives Group
Signed by: Gavriel Schneider, Director
Date of becoming Signatory Company: 1 August 2012 (by letter)
Headquarters: South Africa Lyttelton
Australia, Murarrie
Website: www.daprotect.com
Dynamic Alternatives Group (DA Group) in an international safety, security, risk management
and training provider, with offices in Australia and South Africa. We have a proven track record
of delivering specialized training and bespoke services to the public and private sectors across a
diverse range of countries. Our African business was established in 2001 and our Australian
company was established in 2007 to service the entire Asia Pacific region and is fully registered
and compliant with all relevant agencies. The specific focus of the business is to service clients,
working in Hostile or third world environments. The DA group provides innovative training, risk
and security solutions to a wide variety of clients in Africa, Australia and other locations. Our
global footprint and proven track record ensures that our clients receive the highest levels of
service. The directors of our companies are among the most qualified professionals in the
industry with backgrounds including, former specialist military, police commanders, martial arts
world champions and acknowledged academics. We provide services to some of the following
sectors: Mining and Resources; Oil and Gas; Industrial; Finance and business; Governmental
departments; NGOs and non-profits; Law Enforcement, Defence and related agencies; Private
groups and individuals.
14. Eagle Shark
Signed by: Christian Ranum Spohr, Director
Date of becoming Signatory Company: 1 August 2012 (by letter)
Headquarters: Denmark, Copenhagen
Website: www.eagleshark.dk
We have combined the best of two worlds: the advanced skills and techniques of the army
special operation forces, needed for carrying out operations on land, combined with the special
knowhow by navy special operation forces needed for dealing with any situation at sea. The
symbols the eagle and the shark are carried by these two forces. The Danish army jægerkorpset
uses the eagle and the shark is the symbol of the Danish Navy Seals. Every Hunter or Seal has
one of these animals tattooed on their body. Eagle Shark is a Danish owned security company.
The company was founded by Christian Ranum Spohr and Jacob Schmidt. Eagle Sharks personnel
are exclusively people whose background has been within the Danish Special Operation Forces
(Frogman Corps, or as a Commando Unit Special Operation Forces soldier). Eagle Shark primarily
deals with close protection, combating terrorism and maritime security. All employees at Eagle Shark, due to their previous backgrounds within the Danish Special Forces, have under- gone a
global classified training, as well as having large operative experience from hotspot missions
around the world.
15. ECS International Security
Signed by: Cameron Oosthuizen, CIT & Special Operations Manager
Date of becoming Signatory Company: 1 August 2012 (by letter)
Headquarters: Australia, Sydney
Website: www.escintel.com
ECS International Security & Investigations is a professionally run security company by exmilitary and police. The company was established in 1990. We have earned a reputation for
achieving success where others have failed. Our mission is to carry out assignments with military
discipline-accurately-methodically-professionally-on time. Our services include: Electronics; IP
Based Security Systems; Training; Consultancy; Manpower; Armed Deployments; Investigations;
Cash In Transit; Dog Handlers; Concierge Services; Executive Protection; Risk Management.
16. FocusPoint International Inc.
Signed by: Greg Pearson, CEO
Date of becoming Signatory Company: 1 August 2012 (by letter)
Headquarters: United States, California, San Diego
Website: www.focuspointintl.com
FocusPoint International, Inc. is a global bespoke advisory and professional services firm in the
security and risk management space. The company provides a well-positioned, integrated suite
of security, consulting and investigation services that address the growing concern of blended
threats, financial loss and reputational risks of multi-national corporations, government
agencies, high net-worth individuals and nongovernmental organizations. The company excels in
challenging environments and has a proven track record for dealing with complex maritime and
land-based security challenges, political risks, regulatory compliance and crisis events often
played out in the media and boardrooms of leading organizations around the world. FocusPoint
clients benefit from the company’s proven experience and ground-truth capabilities in over 100
countries to mitigate physical risk; identify, assess and reduce exposure; protect critical assets;
and control loss on land and at sea.
17. Forpost
Signed by: Oleg Krinitsyn, Director
Date of becoming Signatory Company: 1 August 2012 (by letter)
Headquarters: Russia, Moscow
Website: www.rsb-forpost.ru
The Private Security Organization “Forpost” is like a safe shelter to protect your business, from
hooligans, criminals and any other risks. We have a unique experience and opportunities to work
out all the difficulties we face on the territory of the Russian Federation. The Forpost
Organization has a license given by the government of the Russian Federation to operate as the security company. We correspond almost all the international standards. The founders and the
leaders of “Forpost” Company are the reserve officers of the boarder service, which have a
battle experience on the Tadjik-Afghanistan borders and in the North Caucasus, who know how
to behave in extreme cases. They are highly qualified as they know English, French, Arabic and
Persian languages, what helps them to find the common language with different people all over
the world. Our company works not only in Russian Federation, but also as a security company to
protect the vessels at the hostile areas such as Gulf of Aden and Indian Ocean. According to Law
“Forpost” provides such services: life and health protection; Protection of the facilities and
equipment (including its transportation); consulting work in questions of planning, installation
and usage of the technical security facilities; recommendations given to our Clients how to
protect the information within the scope of the company and how to check the trustworthiness
of the workers (customers, partners); protection and escort of the vessels in the Indian Ocean to
protect them from the pirates’ attacks.
18. Geospatial Intelligence Pty Limited
Signed by: Rob Coorey, Managing Director
Date of becoming Signatory Company: 1 August 2012 (by letter)
Headquarters: Australia, Braddon
Website: www.geoint.com.au
Geospatial Intelligence Pty Limited (GI) is an Australian owned; privately held company based in
Canberra and has been successfully delivering high quality geospatial solutions to the public
sector and commercial clients since its inception in 2002. GI utilises the full range of technology
and products to design, create, and deliver geospatial solutions that accurately meet our clients
data, information, security and capability requirements. GI employs a team of highly skilled
experienced professionals with technical expertise in: remote sensing, geographic information
systems (GIS), satellite imaging systems, unmanned aerial systems (UAS), intelligence,
surveillance and reconnaissance, maritime surveillance, homeland security, training and
knowledge transfer.
19. Global Maritime Security Solutions LLC
Signed by: Rhynhardt Berrange, Managing Director
Date of becoming Signatory Company: 1 August 2012 (by letter)
Headquarters: United Arab Emirates, Dubai
Website: www.gmss.ae
Since Global Maritime Security Solutions LLC’s inception in January 2009, we have been
committed to complete vessel protection through high-risk areas globally. Our unarmed
solutions offered, has proven itself with various incidents/attacks over the period without
success by pirates. Our teams have done more than 950 transits including Indian ocean to
Mombasa and Tanzania, various Gulf of Aden ports i.e. Djibouti, Aden and Massawa. We offer
long-term contract solutions according to the clients requirements and believe that the longterm contracts are part of our success. This is due to the fact that we are able to establish
working relations with the vessels crew and ship owners alike leading by example and honoring
to the maritime laws in its entirety.20. Global Protection Agency, Ltd.
Signed by: Piotr Krysz, CEO
Date of becoming Signatory Company: 1 August 2012 (by letter)
Headquarters: United Kingdom, London
Website: www.globalprotectionagency.com
Global Protection Agency, Ltd. founded by former elite military personnel from the French
Foreign Legion is a private security company which operates globally over land, air and sea
supporting its clients in low, medium and high risk environments. Global Protection Agency
provides comprehensive protective security services tailored to the threat, the operating
environment and the specific requirements of its clients. Global Protection Agency operates
routinely in the United Kingdom, France, Poland and other European Union countries providing
mostly Close Protection for VIPs, Celebrities, Diplomats, Executives, Politicians, Royal Families
from the Middle East and Sports Teams but we are specialists at operating within Risk Countries
and Emerging Markets because in these countries the level of potential security threat to our
clients is greater, particularly in Africa, the Caribbean and the Middle East.
21. Global Tactical Networks
Signed by: Rohan Dubbels, Director
Date of becoming Signatory Company: 1 August 2012 (by letter)
Headquarters: Australia, Canberra
Website: www.globaltacticalnetworks.com.au
Global Tactical Networks (GTN) is an Australian based international security consulting company,
formed by senior members from the Australian Federal Police and Australian 2nd Commando
Regiment (Special Forces). GTN provides a comprehensive suite of security services that
encompass risk management, complex investigations, intelligence and training. GTN as a
licenced member of the Australian security community provides government agencies and
corporations, ethical security solutions and guidance on issues such as security policy,
compliance and high risk training. GTN has positioned itself in 2012 with its operationally
experienced staff from intelligence, military and police to be an industry leader in the provision
of high level security solutions to government and corporate security projects.
22. Graspan Frankton Ltd
Signed by: David Tait, Director of Business
Date of becoming Signatory Company: 1 August 2012 (by letter)
Headquarters: United Kingdom
Website: www.graspanfrankton.com
Graspan Frankton is an independent UK based risk consultancy company with global reach.
Focused on Maritime risk management and training including the provision of highly skilled close
protection and sophisticated surveillance teams. Assisting individuals, businesses and shipping
companies to mitigate corporate coercion and physical threats in a variety of environments is at
the core of our ambition. Whether this is in the form of investigative surveillance to reduce
corporate espionage including awareness training to employees or, developing a security plan to protect assets and personnel so they can, in safety, deliver their business interests unhindered.
Working along side UK leading industry training and service providers has enabled us to develop
a detailed yet methodical approach towards success, ensuring that any business can take full
advantage of their commercial opportunities and delivering greater rewards.
23. Grosvenor Global Risk Limited
Signed by: Phil Joyce, Managing Director
Date of becoming Signatory Company: 1 August 2012 (by letter)
Headquarters: United Kingdom, Gloucestershire, Mitcheldean
Website: www.grosvenorglobalrisk.com
Grosvenor Global Risk Limited is a highly regulated security company, which is committed to
ensuring that the risk that our clients are exposed to are rapidly identified and codified, while
concurrently being managed and mitigated. To achieve these objectives the foci of the company
is to gauge all potential and extant risks and deliver an appropriate posture, and if required a
measured response. As a consequence of the unique expertise of Grosvenor Global Risk the
company is committed to supporting the regulation of those elements of the Security industry in
need of further accreditation and governance. Principally focused on risk mitigation in the Land
and Sea environments, and utilizing its highly experienced and diverse staff, Grosvenor Global
Risk Limited, is able to protect the assets of our clients and assure their revenue in the most cost
effective and innovative fashion.
24. GSA Global Security Academy LTD
Signed by: Davide Giorcelli, Company Director
Date of becoming Signatory Company: 1 August 2012 (by letter)
Headquarters: United Kingdom, London
Website: www.globalsecurityacademy.com
Global Security: With our comprehensive approach to professional security consulting, our
Professional Security Consultants develop security strategies, solutions and recommendations,
not just for the short term, but ever mindful of our client’s long term goals and concerns. Our
Professional Security Consultants work directly with your in-house General Manager, becoming
an integral part of your management organization. For companies without a full time security
director we offer GSA’s Specialist. GSA brings you peace of mind with Security managers,
Executive Protection specialist, P.S.D security details, TCN, Expats, LN Security Consulting in
conflict areas. GSA® daily satisfy our customers’ needs in conflict areas like Africa, and Middleeast.
25. High Risk Security Group, Unipessoal, Lda
including its subsidiary: Xero Industries Pty Ltd
Signed by: Paul Stewart Charles Matthews, Managing Director
Date of becoming Signatory Company: 1 August 2012 (by letter)
Headquarters: Australia, Sydney
Website: www.hrsg.asia / www.xeroindustries.comHigh Risk Security Group, Unipessoal Lda (HRSG) is a highly respected and professional security
and support services company. It specialises in enabling commercial, government and nongovernmental organisations to operate successfully in remote and austere environments with
emphasis on operations in high-risk countries in Asia, Oceania, the Middle East and Greater
Arabia regions. HRSG offers a single point of contact for coordinating safety, security, medical
and logistics strategic planning, management and support services with the aim to devise and
deliver an optimal business outcome in the shortest possible time. HRSG possess the versatility
and flexibility to serve as the sole supplier, member of a joint venture, a subcontractor or
contract services locally. In order to respond more effectively to our customers needs, HRSG
also promotes and has formalized alliances, partnerships, and consortiums with other best-inclass service providers.
Signed by: Gary D. Black, Principal/General Manager
Date of becoming Signatory Company: 1 August 2012 (by letter)
Headquarters: United States, Colorado, Colorado Springs
Website: www.iissllc.com
Integrated International Security Solutions LLC (IISS) is a boutique international security firm
founded and operated by U.S. military veterans and proven business executives. We develop and
provide a customized integrated approach to physical security solutions (PSD) and asset
protection for maritime vessel and port protection, petroleum asset protection and specialized
and government contracts throughout the globe. IISS combines cutting edge technology, 150
years of combined seasoned business experience and a team of elite military experts to provide
a unique offering of services. Understanding each client’s particular needs from education, risk
and threats is key to establishing a strong asset and personal protection platform for your
company. The World is changing, what are you doing about it?
Signed by: Cristian Ricci, Director
Date of becoming Signatory Company: 1 August 2012 (by letter)
Headquarters: Slovenia, Koper-Capodistria
Website: www.imisecurity.com
IMI ENA doo is an international Risk Management and Security Company, based in Slovenia,
offering a comprehensive range of Risk Mitigation Solutions, and training, specifically focus to
the Maritime Security Sector, fulfilling all recent IMO Guidelines for the use of Armed Security
Guards onboard merchant vessels. Our teams are formed by Italian and Slovenian operators with
professional background in special forces and Cost Guard, with a wide range of operational and
consultancy experiences. IMI ENA doo is covered with Public Liability, Professional Indemnity
and Personal Accident insurance. The quality of the management systems is audited by Chamber
for Development of Slovenian Private Security, and Slovenian Government. Key services: Security
training, (IMI ENA doo is a Recognized Maritime Training Centre for ISPS certification by
Slovenian Government); Port and offshore security; Armed / Unarmed Escort Antipiracy Services;
Anti-piracy drills and evacuation; Consultant service for application BMP4 measures; Ransom management and delivery; Security Information for commercial, ONG and governmental clients;
Bodyguard and close protection service for international businessman, high profile dignitaries
and celebrities; The IMI ENA doo director was an Italian Coast Guard Officer and is a member of
the Maritime Security Working Committee at CoESS – Confederation of European Security
Services, where he leads the working program for Piracy and Counter-piracy measures.
28. Intelligent Risks Pty Ltd
Signed by: Neil Patrick Fergus, CEO
Date of becoming Signatory Company: 1 August 2012 (by letter)
Headquarters: Australia, Crows Nest
Website: www.irisks.com
Intelligent Risks Pty Ltd (IR) is Australia’s leading international management services consultancy
specialising in the provision of market-leading security, risk, crisis management and operational
delivery services in over 90 countries. Our expertise in the application of relevant international
standards, including the International Risk Management Standard ISO 31000, is extensive. IR’s
registered head office is located in Sydney. We also maintain full-service practices in Bangkok,
Brisbane, Doha and London, in addition to representative offices in Amman and Beijing. All of
our core personnel have relevant experience at senior levels in the private or public sectors.
29. LACCAL Consulting
Signed by: Michael McDermott, Company Director
Date of becoming Signatory Company: 1 August 2012 (by letter)
Headquarters: Australia, Melbourne
Website: www.laccal.com.au
LACCAL Consulting is a Management Consultancy that provides advisory, coaching, audit,
implementation and project management, and training services to a wide range of Industry
Sectors. Bringing together a diverse yet complimentary group of senior executives and specialist
consultants who have worked extensively in Water and Energy Utilities, Defence, Emergency
Services, Oil and Gas, Mining Banking/Insurance and Primary Industry sectors, as well as with
Federal, State and Local Government authorities and entities aligned to each of these
industries. LACCAL Consulting has provided extensive advisory, coaching, auditing, project
management and training services, specifically working with organisations as they shape, plan,
test and then implement key transformative, crisis leadership, risk, security and sustainability
initiatives across their business operations, systems, workforce, community and environment.
30. LKA Group Pty Ltd
Signed by: Vince Scopelliti, Managing Director
Date of becoming Signatory Company: 1 August 2012 (by letter)
Headquarters: Australia, Melbourne
Website: www.lkagroup.com.au
LKA Group is an investigations, intelligence, risk management, training and security company
headquartered in Melbourne, Australia with offices in Queensland, New South Wales, Tasmania and Western Australia. The company has significant global reach with fraud, intelligence, risk and
security operations spanning across the globe through its international operational arm, LKA
Global. LKA has engaged personnel with significant experience within the military, police and
private security environment and has widespread capability to manage global fraud
investigations, security/risk and intelligence operations. LKA offers a pre-deployment into hostile
environments accredited course and actively seeks to partner organisations in the management
of risk.
31. LPN Group
Signed by: Tibor Janos Vass, President & CEO
Date of becoming Signatory Company: 1 August 2012 (by letter)
Headquarters: France, Clamart
Website: www.securite-protection-risque.com
LPN Group is an international consulting company it which provides Safety/Security
services and operations support. We offer global services to clients all over the world in
compliance with their quality and ethical standards. The LPN Group is manages and staffed by
former French governmental operatives and civil-servants coming from various backgrounds
such as the French Military elite forces and major law-enforcement organizations. All our experts
enabling us to achieve excellence while being able to follow strict protocols. The LPN Group
offers high quality services based on its highly skilled and highly motivated personnel, resulting
from strict recruitment and training process as well as proper operational supervision and
32. Ludus Training International Pty Ltd (LTI)
Signed by: Forrest Horan, Operations Director
Date of becoming Signatory Company: 1 August 2012 (by letter)
Headquarters: Australia, SA
Website: www.ludustraining.net
Ludus Training International (LTI) Pty Ltd is an Australian, Veteran Owned, Whole of Government
Contractor based in Adelaide SA and Darwin NT with US partners Virtus Resource Group LLC.
Collectively they have unparalleled access, professional experience and skills to reduce costs,
increase customer satisfaction and solve issues before they become problems. LTI is a key
provider of worldwide training, logistics, testing and advice to whole of government National
Security and private assets. LTI provides expertise in: Security Service; Critical Incident
Management; Infrastructure Security Management; Threat and Risk Management; Executive
Protection; OH&S; Deployed Medical Care; Enforcement Training and Leadership Training.
33. Magni International Group, LLC.
Signed by: Jose Gutierrez, President
Date of becoming Signatory Company: 1 August 2012 (by letter)
Headquarters: United States, Virginia, Virginia Beach
Website: www.magnigru.comMagni International Group is a US Navy SEAL owned and operated Security Company, with 60
years combined experience. Magni International Group provides unparalleled security, training,
and consulting services to government, private and commercial entities. We provide US Military
and internally trained personnel, vetted by the US Government; experienced operators for the
Maritime, Oil & Gas Industry, and Executive Protection fields. Preservation of Human Life, Cargo,
Asset, and Vessel protection are our mission priorities, while providing a “No Failure” sense of
obligation to our clients. Magni International Group, and its operators, strictly adheres to and
operates IAW all US Government, Flag State, Foreign State, United Nation, International
Maritime Organization (IMO) directives, International Traffic in Arms (ITAR) compliance, and
other relevant mandates, directives, and standards to ensure 100% compliance in our worldwide
operations. Magni International Group has authorization to operate in and around the Red Sea,
Gulf of Aden, Gulf of Oman, and the Indian Ocean.
34. Marine Pirate Busters
Signed by: Lukas J Rautenbach, Director
Date of becoming Signatory Company: 1 August 2012 (by letter)
Headquarters: South Africa, Western Cape
Website: www.marine-pirate-busters.com
Marine Pirate Busters core staff protected a pirated vessel and aided in the recovery. There is no
better test than this. Our solutions worked and we improved them even further after this once in
a life experience. Our final layer of protection remained impenetrable after a two day assault.
Not even the Special Forces that came to the rescue could penetrate the citadel. Our anti
boarding equipment has been adjusted to overcome weaknesses exposed by the pirates. There
is no better system available and it exceeds BMP4 recommendations. We offer armed security as
a good top-level, short term solution especially when a vessel needs to be hardened while
transiting risk areas. But we anticipate that the industry will call for more cost effective
alternatives. This is our focus and specialty. Soldiers do not develop weapons and we invested in
engineering design at an early stage to offer future solutions right now. Can your vessel be
navigated from the citadel?
35. Maritime Security Solutions Global Limited
Signed by: Antony Phipps & Antony Chattin, Directors
Date of becoming Signatory Company: 1 August 2012 (by letter)
Headquarters: United Kingdom, Devon
Website: www.mssglobalservices.com
Based upon the ISO 9001 systems management approach to assurance, ISO 28000 security of the
supply chain, and drawing on our experience of introducing and integrating security demands
within complex, and at times chaotic situations of great flux, MSS Global are able to deliver
specialist assurance to contracting companies that their private security sub-contractors are
delivering in practice what they committed to in theory. Minded that much security regulation
remains emergent, we apply the ISO 9001 and ISO 28000 protocols as objective independent
bench-marks, cognisant of the Montreux Document on use of Private Military and Security
Companies, the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights (VPSHR), the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) guidance, and the International Code of Conduct for Private
Security Service Providers as appropriate.
36. NEK Australia
Signed by: Troy Park, Chief Operating Officer
Date of becoming Signatory Company: 1 August 2012 (by letter)
Headquarters: Australia, Canberra
Website: www.nekaustralia.com.au
NEK Australia is an outcome focussed organisation that specialises in high-end identity,
intelligence, special and advanced operations, force protection, capability development,
insertion, and end-user specific training and field mentoring. Through the application of unique
client engagement skills and quality outcomes, NEK Australia is the first choice, trusted provider
of advanced tactics capabilities by military, law enforcement and government agencies; be it in
the classroom or office space to training and mentoring end-users in the field within permissive
and non-permissive operating environments. NEK Australia, its parent company in the United
States, and strategically aligned partners have vast experience in the advanced tactics and
security operations space from ground level, special focus operations such as advanced force
operations, close quarter battle, basic and advanced combat marksmanship, sniper training and
tactical evasive driving, to strategic level capability development and implementation and have
pioneered these vital aspects of special and advanced operations throughout the world.
Operational Training and Support Personnel from NEK Australia have very strong backgrounds in
civilian, military and law enforcement security and personal protection operations. As a result,
NEK Australia team members have the unique ability to apply tried and proven knowledge and
experience to every project and are committed to the provision of the best possible outcome to
our valued clients and partners. NEK Australia is a company focused on contract performance,
and client safety and survivability; not profitability.
37. Nella Global Solutions
Signed by: Amanda Nella, Managing Director & Jason Rowbottom,
Director Investigations and Security Operations
Date of becoming Signatory Company: 1 August 2012 (by letter)
Headquarters: Australia, O’Connor
Website: www.nellaglobal.com.au
Nella Global Solutions Pty Ltd provide the following services to the security, risk and
investigations industry: Unarmed Close Personal Protection; Guard Force Development and
Management; Security Risk Management; Security Project Development; Vital Asset Protection;
Security Risk Investigations; Corporate Internal Investigations; Covert, Physical and Technical
Surveillance; Counter Corporate Espionage Strategies; Training in Security, Investigations and
Defensive Tactics; Occupational Safety and Health Investigations and Consultancy. Additionally,
Nella Global Solutions Pty Ltd are licensed security and inquiry agents and investigators with the
Western Australia Police Service and Corporate Members of ASIAL (Australian Security Industry
Association Limited) and preferred providers of choice for investigation services for the Western
Australian Government Department of Local Government.38. Neptune Consult GmbH
Signed by: Uwe Mäder & Gerhard Schorner, Managing Directors
Date of becoming Signatory Company: 1 August 2012 (by letter)
Headquarters: Germany, Wattenbek
Website: www.neptun-consult.de
Neptun Consult was established in January 2012, and is jointly owned by ZST Security Service
Consulting and Technology GmbH (ZST), Uwe Mäder, and Gerhard Schorner. All of Neptun
Consults management have extensive backgrounds in the German military and police. Neptun
Consult has been established with the primary objective of providing Armed Guards to the
shipping industry using vetted and specially trained European personnel. ZST is a highly
specialized private security solutions provider. Founded in 2006 ZST conducts diverse
assignments for German international clients with a focus on protection of employees and
assets. Gerhard Schorner also is a Managing Director of ZST. ZSTs existing security structures
support and safeguard the continuity and quality of Neptun Consults service.
39. Newport Africa Limited
Signed by: Rob Andrew, Managing Director
Date of becoming Signatory Company: 1 August 2012 (by letter)
Headquarters: China, Hong Kong
Kenya, Nairobi
Website: www.newportafrica.com
Newport Africa Limited, with subsidiaries Newport Africa (Kenya) Limited and Newport Offshore
Limited, form the Newport Africa Group. The Group is an Africa focused business providing
specialised risk mitigation services for private and public enterprises operating in difficult
environments. We manage assignments on land and sea throughout the region and particularly
in areas of potential significant civil instability. Our team comprises a number of highly skilled
individuals with diverse field expertise acquired from military service and diplomacy throughout
the region. When combined with the experience of our network of affiliates and partners we can
provide quality risk mitigation advice and solutions for our clients. Newport Africa maintains
long-standing strategic relationships with regional logistic partners and a commercial and risk
intelligence provider. We also maintain strong relationships with governments and regional
political bodies working throughout the region. Our clients comprise commercial companies of
all sizes, regional governments, nongovernmental organisations, international agencies and
donor governments. They are united in the common goal of wishing to progress their activities in
Africa with a minimum of risk. We are able to offer our clients comprehensive security and risk
advice, assessment, research, project security services and crisis support in Africa as well as
advice on the impact that security considerations will have on business risk for investors in the
region. We also advise on counter terrorism and crisis response requirements and have
consistently met the security and risk management requirements of our clients, especially when
specific specialised services are required.
40. Ombra s.r.l.
Signed by: Alessandro Rossi, CEO & OwnerDate of becoming Signatory Company: 1 August 2012 (by letter)
Headquarters: Italy, Arezzo
Website: www.ombra-security.it
Ombra S.r.l. is an Italian Company professionally qualified and licensed by law, operating in Italy
and worldwide in the field of Security and Protection, providing to our clients both corporate
Security services and Private Investigations and Mobile/Static Security services, with tailored
solutions to their specific needs. We can also supply and manage professional, competent, highly
trained and licensed security Operators, able to handle any situation they are faced with. They
are all former military, law enforcement, or Security professionals and PSD Contractors, who are
used to work in high risk and hostile environments. We organize and conduct Personal Security
Detail Training and Courses and Close Protection Courses. We offer also Commercial Vessel and
Private Yacht Security. With many years of experience, we are able to provide a full range of high
quality and specialized Security services.
41. OPSEC Operational Security International Pty Ltd
Signed by: Nicholas J Byrne, Chairman & Group Managing Director
Date of becoming Signatory Company: 1 August 2012 (by letter)
Headquarters: Australia, Chatswood
Website: www.opsec.com.au
OPSEC Operational Security International Pty Ltd is one of the world’s leading Security, Risk
Management and consulting services firms. We help customers in government, military and
enterprise achieve strategic security and operational objectives with physical security and the
use of technology. Our company’s success is based on its culture of working collaboratively with
clients to develop innovative technological strategies and solutions that address specific business
security challenges. Having guided customers through every major wave of change in physical
security, close personal protection and operational training to information technology since
1995, OPSEC combines best of breed technologies with its capabilities in physical security,
consulting, systems design, integration, IT and business process outsourcing to meet the
individual needs of government, military, global corporations, NGOs and local business. OPSEC
has a reputation as experts in managing change and solving complex security issues for our
customers. We bring together proven techniques and methods, innovative ideas and skilled
Protective Service Detail professionals to help customers achieve breakthrough results for their
security requirements.
42. Orcas Security Associates Ltd
Signed by: Robert Lankester, Director
Date of becoming Signatory Company: 1 August 2012 (by letter)
Headquarters: United Kingdom, Bristol
Website: www.orcasassociates.com
Orcas Security Associates Ltd is a privately owned UK Security Company that offers a
comprehensive range of security services delivered by a team of professional and fully licensed
operatives. The combination of extensive military careers, united with 10 years experience of
personal and asset protection has forged a unique proficiency to deliver versatile security packages on land and at sea. An impressive security portfolio of some the world’s largest super
yachts and private estates has provided Orcas operatives with the experience and expertise to
provide clients with support, guidance and management programmes relating to all aspects of
43. Profano Ltd
Signed by: Stephen Musson, Director
Date of becoming Signatory Company: 1 August 2012 (by letter)
Headquarters: United Kingdom, London
Website: www.profano.co.uk
Profano is a UK registered limited company that provides practical encounter management to
the maritime market. Robust protection measures are essential and Profano’s maritime
protection teams aim to safeguard ships and port facilities as well as their crews and associated
personnel. We provide the very best in close, partial or open protection. Profano’s practical and
preventative encounter management approach helps organisations recognise the nature and
level of physical risk faced by people and assets worldwide. A robust suite of policies and
procedures are only as good as the people who manage them and therefore Profano provides
fully bespoke training for the workforce, empowering and equipping them with the skills and
knowledge needed for effective encounter management. We complement our preventative
training with on-the-ground protection for the likely targets within the workforce and amongst
other assets. We also provide close protection officers and consultants worldwide covering an
extensive range of duties and roles. Our clients are worldwide and varied; each security solution
offered to them is exclusive to the individual or company.
44. RedLine Security SA
Signed by: Manuel Wildhaber, Managing Partner
Date of becoming Signatory Company: 1 August 2012 (by letter)
Headquarters: Switzerland, Geneva
Website: www.redline-security.com
RedLine Security SA is a Swiss company providing Crisis Management and Protection Support for
Governmental and Non-Governmental Organisations active in remote or high risk zones. RedLine
acts at both the organizational level and the field level, using personnel with a proven hands-on
experience in their specific area. RedLine is a resource for those who seek a committed Security
Partner to support their global humanitarian operations. All of RedLine’s work is carried out with
the highest degree of Reliability, Ethics and Discretion within the framework of national and
international law.
45. Redseal Global
Signed by: Dan Ng, Mission Director
Date of becoming Signatory Company: 1 August 2012 (by letter)
Headquarters: Singapore
Website: www.redsealglobal.comRedSeal Global is a Singapore-based, privately owned, security and crisis management
consultancy. We offer comprehensive solutions in ship security, security assessments, and our
priority also lies on the psychological well-being of the team onboard. As part of our maritime
security services, we deliver quality and cost-effective solutions to our clients using the latest
technology and equipment. In addition, RedSeal’s strategic risk analysis reports allow global
companies to understand the nature of threats better. With this privileged information, they can
thus decide better to minimise downside risks and maximise returns on their investments. Our
people take pride in our work, and we believe every mission is a new mission.
46. Ronin Concepts Security Elite Ltd
Signed by: John Graham, Managing Director
Date of becoming Signatory Company: 1 August 2012 (by letter)
Headquarters: United Kingdom, Kent, Rochester
Website: www.roninconcepts.co.uk
Ronin Concepts Security Elite Ltd is a British security company specialising in broad spectrum
security strategies and training. Since the company was formed Ronin Concepts has and
continues to be instrumental in the development and implementation of Counter Terrorist and
Close protection teams for government departments world-wide. All company directors and
senior staff are former Special Air Service (SAS) operatives with over twenty years operational
experience. In order to meet the ever increasing demand for operational and aesthetic
requirements to governments and international corporate communities, Ronin Concepts have
developed a range of services and strategies. Through direct representation, partnerships and
joint ventures Ronin Concepts provides clients with an international database of skills, specialist
personnel and bespoke strategies. All operational requirements and deployment protocols are
based upon a full and continuous risk and threat assessment. This assures a comprehensive
solution will always be available to deal with any actual or potential risk related situation.
47. S.T.A.M. Soluzioni Terrestri Aeree Marittime
Signed by: Salvatore Scialpi, CEO
Date of becoming Signatory Company: 1 August 2012 (by letter)
Headquarters: Italy, Rome
Website: www.stamsolutions.com
S.T.A.M. srl represent a new and unique reality in Italy, S.T.A.M srl is taking on the challenge of
providing the global market with highly innovative technological solutions and services pertinent
to security. Strong in skills, technology and human resource and always mindful of the current
and future geopolitical stability, S.T.A.M. srl will provide the market with a model of
comprehensive and integrated approach to global security. The offer is for governments, armed
forces, police, non-governmental organizations and multinational companies. S.T.A.M. srl bases
its activities mainly on principle of common good, justice, lawfulness and security. Today these
are the foundations for progress and allow a competitive advantage in developed countries or
developing countries. S.T.A.M. srl is a company specialized in defense / security operations &
training. It’s birth is the result of the growing lack of security with the increase of organized
crime and terrorism. S.T.A.M. is a center of studies that has been created by international
consultants, expert in anti-terrorism and anti-crime, close protection and special operations. S.T.A.M. offer training, strategic consultancies, professional and confidential services and
technologies. S.T.A.M. mission is capable to provide their world-wide division including counter
terrorism consulting & operations, close protection ops, geopolitical risk analysis, business
intelligence, maritime security, airport & aviation security, oil ring & goplat world-wide security
operations, development & reconstruction, medic & logistic support, disarming demobilization
reintegration operations, military training & support, liaisons and integration operations.
48. Sandor Consultancy Services Limited
Signed by: Gary Cross, Director
Date of becoming Signatory Company: 1 August 2012 (by letter)
Headquarters: United Arab Emirates, Ras Al Khaimah
Website: www.sandorconsultancyservices.com
Sandor Consultancy Services Limited is a RAK OFFSHORE incorporated company registered in
Dubai, UAE. The company currently has an operational office in Mogadishu Somalia. The
company was founded on the 23rd April 2012 having been awarded a major contract by an
international fuels supplier supporting the African Mission in Somalia. The company provides
protective security services, corporate risk management and technical services.
49. SECMAG Pty Ltd
Signed by: Charl Jacobs, Operations Director
Date of becoming Signatory Company: 1 August 2012 (by letter)
Headquarters: South Africa, Germiston
Website: www.secmag.co.za
SECMAG is a private Security and risk management Service provider in South Africa. We supply
the services of guarding and protection of persons and assets, such as convoys, facilities,
designated sites and property. In some of the contracts it is required to position armed security
personnel on site, in vehicles or vessels. We will be expanding our operations into Africa, namely
Mozambique, DRC, Somalia, Tanzania, Kenya, Zambia as well as Mauritius and Sri Lanka, if and
when required by contract. The Management of our company has more than 30 years’
experience in business, military, police and security services activities. We have experience in the
piracy activities in and around the South eastern shorelines of Africa and will pursue further antipiracy operations and protection of sea fearing vessels within this area in the near future.
Extensive experience and management resources have place the SECMAG Group in a position to
provide a sought after, worldwide, consultancy service. Included in these services are the
coordinating of exploration programs, feasibility studies and the evaluation of this data,
establishing of all logistical aspects within an operation, complete turnkey projects and the
establishment of joint ventures. We offer: Travel Security and Consulting; Executive Protection;
Security Audits and Review; Strategic Security Intelligence; Asset Protection; Protection of
Wildlife; Security Risk Analysis; Maritime Security Planning and Intelligence; Counter Piracy
Operations; Litigation Support; Anti-corruption Services; Technical Surveillance
Countermeasures; Armed Escort Service; Asset Protection.
50. Secure Risks Pakistan (SMC-Pvt.) LimitedSigned by: Aisha Ali, Director
Date of becoming Signatory Company: 1 August 2012 (by letter)
Headquarters: Pakistan, Islamabad
Website: www.securerisks.com
Secure Risks Pakistan (SMC-Pvt.) Limited was Registered in 2006 and got its License for Guarding
Services in the same Year. Secure Risk has grown substantially in this period of time with
accruing internationally known names as clients. We provide Guarding Services with Armed and
Unarmed Guards, Close Personal Protection / Body guards, and Travel risk Management. Our
Close Personal Protection CPP teams / Body Guards are consists of highly trained ex-Service men
and Women. We consider our self as a young and emerging company, dedicated to provide high
standards of security services. At Secure Risk continuous process of training helps us to keep up
with evolving Threat and maintain high Standard of Services. Since the incorporation we have
endeavoured to establish a reputation of being a quality conscious entity. This approach enables
us to accommodate a growing list of satisfied clients including National / Multi Nationals
Organizations, diplomatic Missions and NGO. In the World of Probability we Deliver
Transparency, Security and Reliability.
51. Sentinel International Pty Ltd
Signed by: Gary Creighton, Director
Date of becoming Signatory Company: 1 August 2012 (by letter)
Headquarters: Australia, Canberra
Website: www.sentinelinternational.com.au
Sentinel International is an Australian based independent risk management and security
consultancy specialising in global security and safety services and training operations. As well as
providing a comprehensive array of risk management and physical and personnel security
services, Sentinel International is also a Registered Training Organisation for the delivery of
industrial safety and emergency response training. Sentinel International respects International
Human Rights Standards and operates in accordance with International Humanitarian Law.
Sentinel is a culturally sensitive and environmentally conscious and responsible company.
52. TacForce International
Signed by: Arjen Valkenburg, CEO
Date of becoming Signatory Company: 1 August 2012 (by letter)
Headquarters: United Arab Emirates, Dubai
Website: www.tacforce.com
TacForce International Ltd. is an international consultancy for the provision of project risk
management in conflict and post-conflict regions of the world. We specialize in crisis
management, counterterrorism, close personal protection and logistic support in high risk
environments. Founded in 1997 TacForce International has provided comprehensive security for
projects in hostile operating environments around the world.
53. Tellus Associates Limited Signed by: M. H. Rowlatt, Managing Director
Date of becoming Signatory Company: 1 August 2012 (by letter)
Headquarters: United Kingdom, Hereford
Website: www.tellus-associates.com
Founded in 1997, incorporated in 2010, Tellus Associates is now an established provider of
professional security services to a quality conscious clientele that ranges from individuals to
market leading multinational corporations. Tellus’ mission is to meet Client strategic and
operational security requirements so that they can protect their assets and personnel whilst
sustaining operational activity and revenue streams in the face of unexpected or fluctuating
threats, over time. The Tellus team has a wealth of experience through diverse backgrounds
including Government, military, academic and business life. We respect the confidentiality of
service our clients require and maintain a low profile accordingly. Tellus’ capability has been
developed by creating a network of committed associate individuals and organisations who
share our ethos and contribute the professional knowledge, skills and experience required to
meet client needs in this challenging market.
54. The Centurion Group
Signed by: Jeff Salazar, Executive Vice President, Operations
Date of becoming Signatory Company: 1 August 2012 (by letter)
Headquarters: United States, Texas, San Antonio
Website: www.the-centurion-group.com
Our management team has a combined experience of 60 plus years in law enforcement,
government and commercial security activities. Our strong commitment to ensure customer
satisfaction with all elements of the contract places us above our competitors in the area of
performance. Intense screening and training programs for our employees assists in providing
quality capable employees to perform our required security activities. TCG takes pride in its
service performance. Our security professionals undergo specialized training that includes
instruction in tactical excessive force procedures and the use of protection devices such as
batons, Tasers®, and Oleoresin Capsicum. They are well versed state codes of law, customer
service principles, CPR/AED, and First Aid. In addition, TCG requires candidates to successfully
complete written and oral examinations on security operations and procedures. TCG employees
are subjected to a rigorous application and hiring process. TCG offers: Armed and unarmed
security; Protective Security Details; Security education and training programs; Disaster
Response Teams; Emergency Operations Command and Control; Vulnerability Assessment;
Security Plan / Program development and implementation; Maritime Security; Canine (patrol
and bomb).
55. Titanium Security International
Signed by: Alexander K Emmanuel, Director
Date of becoming Signatory Company: 1 August 2012 (by letter)
Headquarters: Singapore
Website: www.titaniumsecurityint.comTitanium Security International (TSI) is an international security company specializing in all areas
of security for Sea, Land and Security training. Our management are highly experienced in their
respective fields, bringing a wealth of experience and understanding to any operation or need.
TSI is registered in Hong Kong, Singapore and Yemen, and can deploy security professionals to
anywhere in the world. All of our security operators are ex military with proven track records of
the highest standards, with full background checks conducted before employment. We operate
under strict guidelines and procedures, aligned with all international standards and best
56. Trojan Global Protection
Signed by: Justin Brinkies, Managing Director
Date of becoming Signatory Company: 1 August 2012 (by letter)
Headquarters: Australia, Adelaide
Website: www.trojanglobalprotection.com.au
Trojan Global Protection specialises in providing maritime, land based security and personal
protection to a world class standard. We will aim to work with the leading shipping,
management companies, insurance providers & governments to provide this world class
protection service. Our services include ship security personnel, anti-piracy missions, Intelligence
and Investigation, Negotiators, Close Personal Protection (armed and un-armed), Threat and Risk
Assessments, Anti-Terrorism training and awareness, Crisis & Disaster Management and Land
mine awareness/clearance. We are able to deploy these services around the globe at short
notice. Trojan Global Protections teams are highly trained all being former Australian, New
Zealand, United States & United Kingdom military or police personnel. We pride ourselves on
utilising Australian and International standards as a benchmark, not a goal.
Signed by: Dr. Bruno M. Corti, Contracting Manager
Date of becoming Signatory Company: 1 August 2012 (by letter)
Headquarters: Switzerland, Pregassona
Website: www.ubique-psr.ch
UBIQUE is an operational security, force protection and crisis management support provider
solidly recognised as one of the most effective and reliable. Formed and conceived as a joint
contracting company, founded and led by retired high-ranked military personnel, we hold a
unique, outstanding experience and knowledge in every kind of assignment, maritime or landbased, in any operational environment, from investigation to intervention, from security to
training, from rescue to crisis support. Our professional operators can deploy and intervene
readily, everywhere in the world.
58. Unity SPS
Signed by: Martin Luke Simich, Director
Date of becoming Signatory Company: 1 August 2012 (by letter)
Headquarters: United Arab Emirates, Dubai
Website: www.unity-sps.comUnity SPS is a Maritime Security and Risk Management Consultancy company, focused on antipiracy solutions for the commercial shipping industry. Unity SPS also provides a full range of
consultancy, training and tailored support solutions to our clients. The firm benefits from the
substantial financial backing and over 33 years of security company experience of its parent
companies, Unity Resources Group (Unity) and Special Projects and Services Ltd (SPS). Unity SPS
operations are supported by our dedicated 24/7 operations centre in the UK and further
operational and business support is provided from our Dubai Headquarters. Business
Development and Sales activities are supported by our offices in London, Washington DC,
Nairobi and Sydney. Unity SPS is committed to providing high-quality and experienced service
according to the highest standards of the maritime security industry, and our unique operating
model allows us to do so while addressing our clients’ paramount requirements of reliability and
59. Voyaco Risk Limited
Signed by: Poojan Morjaria, Managing Director
Date of becoming Signatory Company 1 August 2012 (by letter)
Headquarters: United Kingdom, Bedfordshire, Luton
Website: www.voyacorisk.com
Voyaco Risk is a maritime security provider operating exclusively in the merchant marine sector,
specialising in the provision of bespoke security solutions for shipping companies. We are a UK
registered company, governed by the laws of England and Wales and structured to ensure a
strong financial position Our senior management are drawn from the UK military and the
maritime sector and not only run operations on a daily basis but decide upon the strategic
direction of the firm. We deliver a multi-layered protection plan designed for the specific needs
of our clients. The bespoke nature of our approach ensures that the security plans developed for
a particular ship match that vessel’s legal obligations, commercial viability and operational
60. Worldwide Response
Signed by: Maxime Fuentes & Krisztian Zerkowitz, Managing
Date of becoming Signatory Company: 1 August 2012 (by letter)
Headquarters: Belgium, Bruxelles
Website: www.worldwide-response.com
Auriex Worldwide Response SPRL specializes in the protection of high value targets, human
resources and high risk assets worldwide. This protection can be in the form of manpower,
advice and expertise or by the integration of training and management of local assets. The
company is based strategically in the Belgium, the capital of Europe with offices in different
countries and on 3 continents. This allows us to draw from local knowledge and expertise when
supporting the need of our clients in the field of protection and service we provide. Operating on
the following three values: Mission, Team and Honor, we believe that Worldwide Response is
your best partner to become the strongest link in the chain between your security and your
business or personal needs. The company itself is structured as easy as possible, allowing a clear vision to all our clients and employees. Divided into three strategic components, the company is
one, each component relying on the other to create a safe and secure environment for you, the